Corin Pinto, Artist
Corin Pinto - BIO

Corin Pinto is an encaustic artist with beginnings in ceramic sculpture. Her paintings are recognized for their abstract impressionism and rich, vivacious colors. Her works are reflective of momentary glimpses of naturally occurring visual harmony found in nature. Corin’s idealistic interpretations offer a kind of inflection which evokes our sense of spirit in the natural world.

Corin was raised and educated in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She holds a bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from York University.  Her work can be found in private collections in Canada, USA, South America, Australia and Europe.


Corin Pinto – Artist’s Statement

When I was introduced to encaustic I immediately fell in love with its sculptural qualities and the luminosity of the pigmented wax. The process of layering, scraping and etching the pliable wax gives each of my paintings a welcome depth and three dimensional textural effect. This, in addition to the subtle nuance of the translucent wax, works well with the reflective themes of my work.

My inspiration is nature. Through reflection on our place in the natural world we achieve harmony and balance in our day to day, busy and stress filled lives. I am captured by the simple wonders in the natural world and aspire to transpire their unexplainable essence and emotive qualities in the dreamscape of my paintings.


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